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  • We had a really good time in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kashgar. All guides, drivers, accommodation and food was fantastic! We had plenty of positive experiences. The program worked perfectly and we are your happy customers.
    Assoc Prof Regine Wagner
    Visiting Fellow Flexible Learning Institute Charles Sturt University

  • We have had many guides in the course of our world travels, but never ever one any better than the guide from Roxana Tour He worked tirelessly for us night and day. His efforts for us were far beyond what would have been "good".
    Dr. Paul Hettinger
    Orlando, FL, USA 32818

  • I have been coming to Uzbekistan for 32 years and as a Tour leader for different companies, I can say that Roxana Tours is the best travel company in Uzbekistan I had in 32 years.
    Gary Wintz, LA
    Tour leader from ZOE and Mountain Sabeck

  • I wanted to drop you a quick e-mail thanking you for the outstanding tour you provided. From the time we arrived at Tashkent until we left, we had no problems and everything was first class.
    Richard L. Wolfel, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Geography
    United States Military Academy
    West Point, NY 10996

  • I am indeed impressed and would like to Thank you from the bottom of my heart, in fact you have not only gained my respect and admiration, I salute your efficiency, not to say the least, I am grateful I am sure I would not be traveling again to Uzbekistan without you definitely involved in my itinerary.
    Saud A.Al Jaidah
    CEO/ Al Jaidah Intl. Doha, Qatar

Uzbekistan Links

All useful links about Uzbekistan

General Information about Uzbekistan

  •     Welcome to Uzbekistan |

    Central site of the Uzbekistan government.

  •     Press-Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan |

    Uzbekistan Visa: Letter of Invitation
    Uzbekistan Tourist Visa

  •     Uzbekistan - looking to the future |


  •     Uzbekistan Political Resourses on the Net |


  •     UzA |

    Uzbekistan National News Agency

  •     Jahon |

    Information Agency

  •     Languages of Uzbekistan |


  •     Uzbekistan Energy Information (EIA) |


  •     Ipakyoli |

    Restaurants of Tashkent

  •     Uzbek Cuisine |


  •     UNDP in Uzbekistan |

    General information about the country, plus focused information about economics, social conditions, environment, health, and U.N. programs related to these areas.

  •     CIA World Factbook: Uzbekistan |

    Provides an overview of the country which includes its government, economy, and military.

Books, Articles, Report about Uzbekistan

  •     Books about Uzbekistan |
  •     Uzbekistan Articles |


  •     Magazine articles on Uzbekistan |


  •     Lonely Planet |

    Travellers' reports on Uzbekistan

  •     Samarkand Museum |

    The Arts and Crafts of the People of Central Asia at the Samarkand Museum.

  •     Visit Friendly Uzbekistan! Duck the gunfire, bribe the officials, drink the Cipro |


  •     East meets West in Uzbekistan |

Guidebooks of Uzbekistan

  •     U.S. Library of Congress Country Study - Uzbekistan |

    Provides basic and brief understanding of the country and society by describing and analyzing its political, economic, social systems and examining the interrelationships of those systems and the ways they are shaped by cultural factors.

  •     Lonely Planet World Guide | Uzbekistan |


  •     Guide Book on Uzbekistan |

Uzbekistan Maps

  •     Uzbekistan map collection |


  •     Map of Uzbekistan |


  •     Detailed Map of Uzbekistan |

    (.pdf United Nations)

Embassies of Uzbekistan

  •     Uzbekistan Embassy Network |


  •     Germany |


  •     France |


  •     Belgium |


  •     UK |


  •     Israel |


  •     Uzbekistan Consulate General in Frankfurt on Main |

    General information, consular services, news and events.

  •     Uzbekistan Consulate General in Amsterdam |

    Find travel, visa, and general information about Uzbekistan.

  •     Uzbekistan Consulate General in Greece |

    Promotes business development, investment, and tourism. Find visa and contact information.

Foreign Embassies in Uzbekistan

  •     British Embassy in Tashkent |

    Provides information from commercial, consular, press and public affairs, and development sections of the Embassy.

  •     German Embassy in Uzbekistan |

    Find general information, contacts, working hours, and useful links.

  •     U.S. Embassy in Tashkent |

    Details of visa, commercial and consular services provided by the Embassy, plus a range of information on the U.S. including news, events and trading matters.

  •     Embassy of the Czech Republic in Uzbekistan |

    Provides information about the embassy, news, bilateral relations, economy and trade, and visa and consular section.

Uzbekistan Airlines

  •     Uzbekistan Airways |


  •     Uzbekistan Airways - Amsterdam |


  •     Uzbekistan Airways - Osaka |


  •     Uzbekistan Airways - London |


  •     Uzbekistan Airways - Athens |


  •     Transaero in Uzbekistan |


  •     Uzbekistan Airways Frequent Flyer Program |

    Client Authorization

  •     Uzbekistan Airlines schedule |

Uzbekistan Railways

  •     Railways of Uzbekistan |

    Web-site of the State joint - stock railway company

Transport and Communication of Uzbekistan

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  •     Birdwatching in Uzbekistan |

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  •     Uzbekitan Travel Guides and Directories |


  •     Uzbekistan Travel Links/ |

    Birdwatching in Uzbekistan |

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