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Termez is unique city.
The dates of foundation of the city  are unknown, but when in the 6 century BC it was occupied by Persians, it was already an ancient city. It had always been important military and trading point on the northern bank of Amudarya River and part of the Great Silk Road.
The ancient name of the city is Taramata, and it is located in the heart of  ancient Baktria. Some historians credit the name to Greeco-Bactrian ruler Demetrios, after who city was named.
From times immemorial, caravans travelling to India, Iran, Persian Gulf, Constantinople and Bagdad passed through Termez, as this was a very comfortable ferry point on Amudarya.  
In the 1st-3rd centuries Termez was important city of Kushan Empire and archeological excavations revealed several Buddhist Monastery and Complexes built in Termez and outskirts.
Kampirtepe, Fayaztepe and other Buddhist monuments are essential parts of Uzbekistan Tours and absolute must sees. It was the place where local Bactrian, Sogdian cultural traditions met and mixed with Iranian, Indian, Greek and Chinese elements and resulted in the birth of so called Gandhara Art and Tradition.

The Arabs in the 7th century  were ruthless to local Buddhists and Zoroastrian. Their monasteries, temples were destroyed, their priests killed and their ancient books and scripture were burnt.
In the later period of Samanids, Karakhanids and Ghaznevids,  Termez developed like never before though it was the period of political instabilities. The trade grew, the art, culture and architecture were on the rise. Some of the best structures in Termez were built at this time, including mausoleum of Hakim at-Termizi, Sultan Saodat Complex and Kirq Qiz Palace.
The Mongols attack of 1220 AD was disastrous. The total population of Termez was slaughtered and city destroyed.
Termez revived only during the Timur in the 14th century, because of it’s importance as a border town with ferry and caravan stop.
After 16th century Termez started fading and declining. In 1898 it was occupied by Russian and turned into outpost on the border with Afghanistan.

New Russian Termez was built in 20 km distance from the ruins of old Termez.  Throughout the Soviet period, Termez was part of Soviet Uzbekistan and forbidden city because of its location. Termez was the main gate to Afghanistan for  Soviet Army  during Afghan campaign.  
Finally after the Independence, Termez was open for visits and now everyone has a chance to see the masterpieces of architecture and historical monuments of times passed during Uzbekistan Tour.
Termez of nowadays is a modern city with population of 150000 people, consisting of Uzbeks, Russians, Turkmens and other nationalities.