• We had a really good time in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kashgar. All guides, drivers, accommodation and food was fantastic! We had plenty of positive experiences. The program worked perfectly and we are your happy customers.
    Assoc Prof Regine Wagner
    Visiting Fellow Flexible Learning Institute Charles Sturt University

  • We have had many guides in the course of our world travels, but never ever one any better than the guide from Roxana Tour He worked tirelessly for us night and day. His efforts for us were far beyond what would have been "good".
    Dr. Paul Hettinger
    Orlando, FL, USA 32818

  • I have been coming to Uzbekistan for 32 years and as a Tour leader for different companies, I can say that Roxana Tours is the best travel company in Uzbekistan I had in 32 years.
    Gary Wintz, LA
    Tour leader from ZOE and Mountain Sabeck

  • I wanted to drop you a quick e-mail thanking you for the outstanding tour you provided. From the time we arrived at Tashkent until we left, we had no problems and everything was first class.
    Richard L. Wolfel, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Geography
    United States Military Academy
    West Point, NY 10996

  • I am indeed impressed and would like to Thank you from the bottom of my heart, in fact you have not only gained my respect and admiration, I salute your efficiency, not to say the least, I am grateful I am sure I would not be traveling again to Uzbekistan without you definitely involved in my itinerary.
    Saud A.Al Jaidah
    CEO/ Al Jaidah Intl. Doha, Qatar

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The final part of the 3 op Reis series of programs about Uzbekistan, which was filmed by the BNNVARA film company for the state television channel NPO3, was aired. Assistance in organizing the filming was provided by Roxana Tour.
In this episode, the tragedy of the shallowing of the Aral Sea is touched.
Since the 1960s, the level of the Aral Sea began to decline rapidly due to abstraction of water from the main supply rivers of the Amu Darya and Syr Darya. Before the shallowing, the Aral Sea was the fourth largest lake in the world. Excessive water intake for irrigation of agricultural land has turned the sea into a barren desert.
In this film, the main characters share their memories of when the sea was the source of life for the entire region.
 The archaeologist and candidate of historical sciences October Dospanov says:
“The city woke up from the noise and the dog barking. People screamed running along the streets towards the pier.
Boats at the hotel’s pier were aground. In 1961, in one night, the Aral Sea retreated tens of meters from the shore. ”
Unfortunately, the water level is becoming less and less every year.
But you still have the opportunity to see the Aral Sea with your own eyes. We invite you to the Aral Sea Expedition. Do not forget to include the Aral Sea in your Uzbekistan and Central Asia tour.

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The 3nd episode of the “3 op Reis” series from BNNVARA by order of NPO3 TV company aired on November 17.

 The film shows the unique place of Uzbekistan - Yangikazgan. The heroes of this place are Radik and Zholdubai. Each has his own story and dreams. Radik dreams of turning the Aydarkul coast into a picturesque world-class resort that could compete with the resorts of Turkey. Now he owns a yurt camp in the desert and a hotel on the lake. In his camp you can feel the life of nomadic tribes, enjoy the starry night sky and dinner by the fire.

Zholdubay invites you to his house so that guests can taste the national Kazakh dish - Beshbarmak. He breeds and contains camels. You can ride camels and watch their life. Zholdubai's main dream is the prosperity of his village and the health of his loved ones.

All the heroes of this program are inviting you for a visit.

Enjoy your viewing:

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The 2nd episode of the “3 op Reis” series from BNNVARA by order of NPO3 TV company aired on November 10.

The second series is dedicated to Nuratau and the hero of this place - Nazrullo. Nazrullo lives with his beautiful family in the village of Hayat. This village is located high in the mountains in a nature reserve. During hiking in the area you can see rare argali listed in the Red Book. Our tourists are delighted with these places. The village of Hayat is included in the program of our tours.

The film showed the life of people living far from the big city. They are sensitive to the memory of their ancestors and cherish every leaf presented by nature.


2 серия цикла передач  “3 op Reis” от BNNVARA  по заказу телекомпании NPO3 вышла в эфир.

Вторая серия посвящена Нурате и герою этого места- Назрулло. Назрулло живет со своей прекрасной семьей в поселении Хает.  Это село расположено высоко в горах на территории природного заповедника. Во время походов по местности можно увидеть редких Архаров, занесенных в красную книгу. Наши туристы в восторге от этих мест. Поселение Хает входит в программу наших туров.

В фильме показали жизнь и быт людей живущих далеко от большого города. Они трепетно относятся к памяти предков и берегут каждый листочек, подаренный природой.

#Oezbekistan #Uzbekistantour #Uzbekistantours #Centralasia
#Nuratau #RoxanaTour #3opreis #npo3

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In spring of 2019, the shooting of the popular program “3 op Reis” of the BNNVARA film company was held in Uzbekistan in order for the Netherlands television channel NCO 3.
Our company “Roxana Tour” was responsible for the organization of filming in Uzbekistan.
The gear cycle consists of four series. Episode 1 was dedicated to Tashkent and the people living in it. Each told his story and hopes for the future. Episode 1 aired on October 27.
The next episodes will show the unknown facets of Uzbekistan. The tragedy of the Aral Sea will be lit from first witnesses and the best guide named October, the most beautiful village of Sentob in the vicinity of Nurata with the hero of this place - Nazrullo, the desert and Lake Aydarkul from the mouth of Radik will be shown.
From the very beginning to the end of the film, the film crew was accompanied by Ibragimov Rakhmatjon, episodes with his participation are in all series of the program.
Enjoy your viewing:

#oezbekistan #uzbekistan #npo3 #bnnvara #3opreis #travel #visituzbekistan #tashkent #roxanatour #roxanatours #uzbekistantour #uzbekistantravel

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The Registan complex will be open to residents and guests of Samarkand until 24:00 daily.
The Registan complex will now be open until midnight

According to a government decree, the Registan complex will operate from 7:00 to 00:00 hours daily, the Ministry of Justice said in a statement. Now all guests of Samarkand can visit this magnificent complex that’s consists of three madrassas: Ulugbek, Sherdor and Tilla-Kari, as well as the Registan Square itself.
Also in accordance with the new decree:
• Amir Timur’s gardens “Gods of Balands” and “Gods of Shamol” will be recreated as a result of determining the locations of the gardens and restoring their historical appearance;
• restoration of the archaeological sites “Sheroz Kala”, “Dobusiya”, Revdatsky town - Kofir Kala, Afrosiabsky will be carried out in coordination with UNESCO;
• will be organized on the territory of archaeological sites of open-air museums with the introduction of electronic visitors registration systems. This new regulation and restorations will make the Uzbekistan tours more comfortable for the travelers.


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From October 1, 2019, the “Open sky” regime has been introduced at Karshi, Nukus, Termez and Bukhara international airports.

In order to increase the inflow of foreign tourists to Uzbekistan, on 13 August 2019, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree “On measures to further develop the tourism industry in the Republic of Uzbekistan”, according to which introduction of the “Open sky” regime at Karshi, Nukus, Termez and Bukhara international airports was determined using the “Five Freedoms of Aviation”.

The “open sky” regime allows foreign airlines to perform international flights to the airport without restrictions on the number of flights.

According to world experience, implementation of the “Open sky” policy allows to increase passenger traffic by 35% (without it – by 8%) on average. This also reduces the cost of air tickets from 20% to 40%. In addition, this regime will create tens of thousands of new jobs.

Freedom at the air latitude includes a number of civil aviation rules that allow airlines to enter and land in another country’s airspace. These rules were formed as a result of the consensus on the level of aviation liberalization set forth in the Convention on International Civil Aviation, signed in 1944.

Now foreign airline companies that are interested in launching flights to the cities, where the “Open sky” regime is introduced, shall apply to the Ministry of Transport and JSC Uzbekistan Airports for a slot.

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Archaeologists of Uzbekistan discovered the legendary Alexandria Oksianskuyu August 22-27 in Tashkent, Samarkand and Termez for that reason it is planed to have a Heritage Week "Uzbekistan - the crossroads of great roads and civilizations: empire, religion, culture", anticipating the international conference "Preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage: actual problems and strategies to solve them" to be held in Samarkand on August 26, 2019.


 Guests on Uzbekistan tours during that Heritage Week in Terez will expect many stunning discoveries.


One of them is associated with the famous Alexandria of Oksiansky - the site of Kamtyrtepa, an archaeological monument, one of the oldest in Uzbekistan. These are the ruins of a port city on the Amu Darya (in ancient times Oaks), laid down at the end of the 4th century. BC. and existed before the beginning of the 1st c. AD. It is one of the popular places for all travelers during Uzbekistan tours.


It is here that the participants of the Week will be the first to announce the results of the great work carried out in recent years by reputable Uzbek scientists led by academician E. Rtveladze.


The world scientific community, the public and media representatives are waiting for sensational statements and evidence that the site of Kamtyrtep is the legendary Alexandria Oksianskaya, mentioned in the writings of the ancient Greek historian and geographer Ptolemy and a unique monument of Hellenistic culture in Central Asia.


Long-term studies of scientists and archaeologists under the leadership of E. Rtveladze allowed to make a conclusion about the localization of Alexandria Oksianskaya on the site of the site of ancient settlement Kampyrtepa. Among the archaeological data confirming this s: the first of all, the size of the city-port at that time, stretching along the Ox from west to east for more than 400 m, as well as a good-developed town-planning structure consisting of a strongly fortified — a fortress with gates, streets and sanctuary-temple, a necropolis and a harbor, which included a port with a lighthouse, a bay for parking ships and a pier, where there were trade points and craft (ceramic) workshops.


The archaeological data from the three sites, Ai-Khanum, Old Termez and Kampyrtep, analyzed by scientists show that only on Kampyrtepa were obtained convincing, unlike the first two, evidence of the foundation during the campaigns of Alexander the Great to Transoxian in 329–327. BC. a large settlement with a well-developed urban structure, powerful fortifications and capital buildings. In all likelihood, this is the legendary Alexandria Oxyana Ptolemy.


It consists of a main citadel surrounded by a moat, a “lower city” surrounded by a fortified wall with towers and an unfortified suburb.


Archaeologists have found here well-preserved cultural layers of the early Hellenistic, Greco-Bactrian and Kushan-Yuezhi eras. Numerous finds, as well as the peculiarities of the architecture of the settlement indicate that various religions and religions coexisted peacefully in Kampyrtepe over the centuries. Zoroastrians, Buddhists and admirers of ancient Greek gods, as well as followers of local cults lived here.


For the first time in the history of Uzbek science, the installation of Alexandria Oksiansky in 3D format will be presented to the participants of the Heritage Week, which will recreate the ancient settlement and allow you to get acquainted with this outstanding archaeological monument in its original appearance.


Also, to familiarize the general public with famous monuments of history and culture in the pocket book format, brochures "Alexandria Oksianskaya (Kampyrtepa)" and "Kushans: dynasty, people, writing" will be published. If you are planning to go on Uzbekistan tours in this period you are welcome to ask one of our tour operators to include this destination in your programs.

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"I never imagined Uzbekistan was so beautiful!"

"Upon my return home, I came to the realization that Uzbekistan is one of the world's best kept secrets for tourism."

"I should have booked a longer itinerary with my Uzbekistan travel agencies!"


These are just a few of the typical comments we hear at Roxana Tour from our clients. Uzbekistan travel agencies throughout the country doubtless hear the same thing from their customers, too. Time after time, year after year, we listen closely to what people have to say about our beautiful country. While we encourage them to tell us what could be done to make their trip better, all of them prefer to spend most of their time talking about the good things and the grand experiences they had through our Uzbekistan tours. At the conclusion of every tour, we invite all of our guests to join us for dinner - whether it's for one or twenty-five! It's a wonderful and relaxful evening where our new friends can enjoy a light conversation in a friendly atmosphere. It's here where they can stretch their legs and release the thoughts of their trip to us. Invariably, the words that are spoken are reflected in their eyes when they talk about their magical Uzbekistan tours. Flying across the Kyzyl-kum desert as the sun rises; arriving in Khiva to tour the world's best outdoor museum; traveling by car to Bukhara and stopping by the side of the road to enjoy lunch in the same desert the flew over; friendly people at every stop whether it was a Roxana Tour, the bread-seller at the bazaar, or the concierge at the hotel. It didn't seem to matter where they were, the people were genuinely friendly. Camels, Kalyon, Samarkand, Amir Timur, the Great Silk Road...everything gets blurred together after a while, but the main theme is the total enjoyment that our customers experienced during their trip in Uzbekistan.

What do you think your quote will be at the conclusion of your Uzbekistan tours?

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On June 7, 201, the Institute for Legislative and Parliamentary Studies together with the Committee on Ecology and Environment Protection of the Legislative Chamber held a round table on the draft law “On Hunting and Fishing”. ,

The event discussed the current state of hunting and fishing, existing problems in the field and proposals for solving them.

 The country has 38 fishing farms with a total area of 406,000 hectares and a total of 608,000 hectares of hunting and fishing sports associations which is a great opportunity to include such objects into Uzbekistan tours packages. 

In particular, the draft law provides for the main directions of the state policy in the field of hunting, hunting zones, the rules and conditions for hunting, the main provisions of hunting. It clarifies the list of documents confirming the right to hunt, as well as the introduction of a system of state monitoring of game animals and their habitats. The bill for the first time indicates the amount of payments for hunting, based on the number of wild animals.

In order to fully develop hunting tourism in the country and make full use of these opportunities, the project proposes features of hunting for foreigners.

It was noted that the experience of foreign countries, in particular Germany, France, Japan, Turkey, Russia and Kazakhstan, was taken into account in the preparation of the bill.

It was emphasized that the adoption of the draft law will contribute to the rational use of wildlife resources, their registration, the regulation of their reproduction and maintenance, the development of hunting tourism and the improvement of the fishing industry. Meanwhile it is only possible to include such destinations on Uzbekistan tours without caring the hunting equipments such as guns including hunting dogs.

We are excited to the upcoming laws and regulations on hunting in Uzbekistan and Roxana Tour will make sure to have separate packages from standard Uzbekistan tours that will be dedicated for those who come here to explore the hunting opportunities in our country

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We often have request from our clients to combine some natural resorts in their Uzbekistan tours, so they can try some wild life experience. Recently some of our travelers visited the new preserve center for Bustards.


The center for the protection of beauty bustards is located about 50 kilometers from the city of Navoi and 300 hectares in the desert zone in the southwestern part.



The Center was established in April 2008 on the initiative of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President of the United Arab Emirates, Emir of Dubai.



The main activities of this organization called AYTAM are a set of activities aimed at supporting and maintaining sustainable management of the sustainable population of the Asian Corps in Uzbekistan, as well as annual campaigns to preserve wildlife.



On May 22 - International Day for Biological Diversity, AITAM and the Navoi Regional Department of Environmental Protection organized an event for the media and informed about:


“In 2007, for the first collection of wild birds, it was necessary to create the first livestock. The collection was held in 2012 with the permission of the Government of Uzbekistan. At the same time, in order to create a breeding ground for young birds that can breed additional birds released into the wild environment from 2008, the center works to increase the number of people under strict genetic control, said Rustam Tuhtamuradov, the head of the center.



The Asian bustard is a bird that lives in Central Asia. Flocks arrive in Uzbekistan in spring and breed in the region of Central Asia from March to June. In October, they fly to relatively hot countries - Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and the Arabian Peninsula.


The bustard spends most of his time in search of food on the ground. They prefer to live in the desert and semi-desert areas with a dry, ecologically clean and open area. This bird feeds on all sorts of plants and their seeds, small lizards, insects and other small vertebrates.



Most birds reach puberty at the age of two or three years. They attract their partners in the marriage period with a kind of dancing.


Layed eggs can hatch without the help of birds. It usually takes 21-22 days.



The swallow is a species of endangered species and is included in Appendix I to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Endangered Species that are classified as “weak” by the conservation community.


The main task of the Center is to implement an integrated strategy for the rehabilitation and protection of bird populations in Uzbekistan.


To achieve this, AYTAM is constantly developing new approaches in various fields, including ecology, physiology, nutrition and veterinary medicine. Comprehensive expert knowledge and fundamental and applied research are the basis of these approaches. Also they are considering including this destination to Uzbekistan tours packages in order to attract travelers and specialists from all of the world to share the experiences and knowledge.


The center has five departments for work.


The first is the care and reproductive care department. In this section, they collect eggs and conduct genetic research in the laboratory.


“In this section we have a total of 1980 birds. Of these, 841 are males, and 1139 are females. In this section, the birds feed mainly on nuts and worms. The daily egg is delivered to the hatchery, ” said Nilufar Husanova, department head.


The second is an incubation workshop. Eggs of birds are opened in special incubators in 21-22 days.



Third, watching and caring for chicks.


“In this section, the chicks are taken care of for ten days. During this time the birds feed every half hour. About fifty workers are engaged in this work during the day. There are currently about 750 chicks in the department, ”says Dilrabo Hashimova, head of the department.


Fourth Section, Deportation Department. Here ten-day birds are taught wildlife for twenty days. Then it is vaccinated and placed in special tunnels.


In the fifth stage, the birds prepare for the wild before the start of a new life.


In each process, the birds are under the control of staff and veterinarians. Currently French specialists are working in the center.


Belarusian environmental ornithologists conduct voluntary environmental and scientific research at the center.


The center employs 100 people. During the season, the number of employees is up to 200 people. 90% of workers are from Ortakul village, 15 km from the center and the remaining 10% are from the city of Navoi.


In the future, it is planned to build a fully integrated system. The new center will meet the objectives of the project and will be of higher quality.


The season for the release of birds into the wild is mainly September-October which can be considered as the highest season for Uzbekistan tours, which gives a great chance for the travelers who like to see the wild life events to participate in such days in the center. From 2012 to the present, the center has released about 10,000 young birds.


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“Vacation without a voucher” began shooting a program about Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan tours from Khiva. 
The next program of the “Vacation without a Voucher” will be filmed in Uzbekistan. The film crew of the Russian television channel Muz-TV has already arrived in the republic and began working with a visit to Khiva.

The Nurullabay Palace, the mausoleums of Pahlavan Makhmud and Said-Allauddin, the main gates and the stone courtyards of the internal fortress of Ichan-Kala hit the lens of the television journalists.

The host of the program, producer, showman and program director of the Muz-TV channel, Andrei Razygraev, published on his Instagram page a photograph in the ribbon and an enthusiastic review about Uzbekistan:

“Oh, I feel and predict ... Waiting # Uzbekistan tourist boom in the near future. Especially after our Travel Show # Vacation without a voucher! ..)))
Atmospheric, colorful, tasty and everything is extremely inexpensive. # Khiva so in general is not a city, but the true # pearl of Central Asia!
Any facts and life hacks about Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan tours you want to know, watch in the program or in my instagram, would you plan your # vacation in this hospitable neighboring country?) ”

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 We have been sending a lot good news recently on how Uzbekistan is doing so well in developing the tourisms sector. The new laws of visa abolishment has introduced and attracted travelers from all over the world. The requests on Uzbekistan tours within couple of years has risen dramatically.  Our country has won several well know prizes in different categories of tourism awards and today we would like share with a great news that’s has been just announced. 

Uzbekistan took the first place in the nomination “The best developing tourist destination” at the awarding ceremony of the Grandvoyage Tourism Awards in Madrid. It is no surprise that among Spanish travelers the Uzbekistan tours was always the top destination, nowdays we are having many travelers from European countries willing to come to discover this heart of the Asia.

In addition to this nomination, few other directions were presented at the ceremony such as called: “The Best Big Journey”, “The Best Destination for a Honeymoon”, “The Best Hotel-Resort”. The winners were selected by a vote on

The competition is organized by one of the largest Spanish travel companies, Grandvoyage which is also very well known organization among Uzbekistan travel agencies.

President of the company A.Arbarka noted that the awarding of Uzbekistan with the Grandvoyage Tourism Awards is recognition of the results of the work carried out in the country to modernize the tourism industry, as well as the growth of recognition of the tourism industry of Uzbekistan, not only in Spain, but throughout the world.

As always we encourage our readers to share these pleasant news with their folks, and use this great opportunity to make Uzbekistan tours in the nearest future.  Roxana Tour is always having individual approach on all requests by taking into consideration all your desires, interests and opportunities.

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More than $ 500 million will be spent on the creation of three resorts for those who wants to have some active adventure on Uzbekistan tours, willing to spend their time in resorts of  international level in the Tashkent region. The project involves the French investors that have a great experience in constructing such places

 In the Tashkent region the local government in cooperation with foreign investors planning to create three international resorts - Chimgan, Beldersay and Nanay. This Projects will also be continued on Amirsoy and Yusufkhon areas. Over 40 km of tourist ski slopes and 100 types of tourist services will be created as part of these initiatives  which is going to create three thousand jobs in hotels of different categories which can accommodate up to 25 thousands travelers, according to the Deputy Prime Minister Aziz Abdukhakimov. 

He also mentions that, the project "Chimgan" will be on the list of  TOP 10 resorts, which are located at an altitude above 3 thousand meters above sea level.

“This makes it one of the most attractive resorts in the world for everyone who is thinking about taking Uzbekistan tours in special winter seasons. The conditions here will vary. It will be budget services for the middle class and Luxury for the VIP travelers from all over the World. Beldersay will also be a unique zone with the specialty which is created with a label “eco.” It will be a place of free transportation and cars will not move here, ”he said.

The approximate cost of that creation zone of the Chimgan will be $ 263.7 million, Beldersay - $ 178.4 million and Nanay - $ 62.4 million.

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We have some good news for those who are looking for Uzbekistan tours, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 28, 2019 “On Amendments and Additions to Certain Acts of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, a new procedure for the operation of electronic entry visas has been established, which had been widely discussed among Uzbekistan travel agencies within few months.


Now days, since May 28, 2019 electronic entry visas are issued for a period of stay in the Republic of Uzbekistan up to 30 days from the date of entry and those who have successfully received such visa can stay in our country for ninety days, from the date of issuance.


According to the order in force until now, the e-visa was issued to a foreign citizen for a period of stay in the Republic of Uzbekistan up to 30 days with a single entry and in the case of a visa validity at the time of entry of a foreign citizen to the territory of the republic was less than 30 days, then the stay of a foreign citizen in The Republic of Uzbekistan should not have exceeded the validity period of the electronic visa.


All these innovations can be considered as the most comfortable conditions to the travelers that are going to be increased the average period of stay of each tourist in the country. As usual the more the traveler spends days in Uzbekistan tours, the more all parties will have its own benefits, especially newly build hotels, and other business that is connected with tourism


Once again we encourage everyone to use these easy conditions during the high season by taking some Uzbekistan tours that are provided on the highest level by Roxana Tour.

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Samarkand on of the most important cities in all Uzbekistan tours was visited by Dr. Gad Hajavi, President of the World Handicraft Council for the Asia-Pacific Region (WCC-APR). She has visited the historical monuments of the ancient city, met with representatives of the association "Hunarmand", as well as with artisans. The guest received the city Mayer, Boburmirzo Oblakulov.

During the visit, Mayer of the city has introduced Samarkand by speaking about its history and architectural monuments. At the same time, he focused on traditional types of crafts with a long history. According to him in the city there are 2500 artisans working in 34 areas. Six craft centers established in the region, and three of them operate in Samarkand. This conversation leads into the topic of   considering the inclusion of Samarkand in the List of the World City of Artisans.

In response, the guest noted that one of the goals of her visit was to discuss the issue of granting Samarkand the status of a world city of artisans, which would significantly improve the image of the ancient city. This will also play a great role on promoting Uzbekistan tours in the countries all of the World.

“The world list of cities of artisans has existed since 2014. This is a project of the World Handicraft Council. Currently, the List includes 30 cities from different countries of the world. By the way, 10 of them are from Iran. We would like to see Samarkand among them. We express our willingness to work together to provide Samarkand with the status of a world city of artisans, ”said Dr. Hijavi.

During the conversation, she noted the positive changes that have occurred in relations between the World Crafts Councils and Uzbekistan. Thus, the Association of Artisans "Hunarmand" in March of this year became a member of the World Crafts Council. This organization supported the initiative of the Government of Uzbekistan to hold the International Festival of Craftsmen in September 2019 in Samarkand has a great chance on receiving the status of the world city of artisans.
In her short interview with local journalists, Ms. Hijavi emphasized that during her short stay in Samarkand she enjoyed very much  and she hopes will see a lot more in her future Uzbekistan tours , she mentioned:“Along with outstanding monuments, I saw artisans who are very impressive. I can say good words to the masters who make national musical instruments” the guest shared.

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Do not miss this event while you are on your Uzbekistan tours visiting Khiva!

The State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the Development of Tourism and the Khorezm Region government are organizing the First International Tournament “Heroes' Games” in Khiva from June 7 to June 9 , 2019.

This event is being held with the support of the World Strongmen Federation (WSF) and the Federation of Powerful Games and Weight Lifting of Uzbekistan.

The international tournament is dedicated to the memory of the great son of the Uzbek people, Pahlavon Mahmud, who was an undefeated bogatyr-hero, a famous educator, philosopher and sufi in the countries of Central Asia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and India.
Bogatyrs-so called participants and international judges from Azerbaijan, Brazil, Greece, Togo, India, China, Latvia, Russia, USA, Ukraine, Japan, Central Asia and others will participate in the tournament.

The holding of this international event contributes to the expansion of international cooperation in the development of sports tourism, improving the image, promoting tourism potential and opportunities of Uzbekistan and its tourism potential on the world stage, and also aims to promote healthy lifestyles and stimulate youth interest in sports.

If you are interested on this event as a participant or a as a guest, please do not hesitate to ask our tour operators to make sure your Uzbekistan tours programs cover this area on 7-9 June.

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Recently, interest in Uzbekistan, as a tourist destination, has increased significantly, and the range of tourist services is increasing from year to year.

Representatives of the program “Bare Feet” of the channel “Public Broadcast Service” recently visited Uzbekistan to produce a series of programs telling about the tourist attractions of Uzbekistan. The host of the program Mikella Malozzi, operators Lina Plioplit and Evan Carter saw the sights of Tashkent. 

“The New York Times”, one of the largest American newspapers, has included Uzbekistan in the list of 52 countries recommended for 2019. According to The New York Times, Uzbekistan is ranked 34 out of 52 countries recommended for travel. Indeed, today in our country there are a lot of tourists from the USA. Their priority among Central Asian countries is Uzbekistan tours.

 The creative team also visited the ancient and young city of Samarkand. The guests also visited the Registan Square, the Bibi-Khanim Mosque, the Gur-Emir Mausoleum and the Ruhabad.

In August of this year, the channel “Public Broadcast Service” will broadcast special programs about the tourism potential of Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan tours.b2ap3_thumbnail_1.jpg

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The Public-Private Partnership Development Agency under the Ministry of Finance met with representatives of the World Bank.

Representatives of the parties discussed a public-private partnership program in the transport sector, core projects, research and PPP options. The implementation of these initiatives will be a powerful impetus for the growth of the economy as a whole. In particular, the construction of roads will lead to an increase in regional trade, reducing time and financial costs for entrepreneurs. The implementation of the Presidential Decree and the Law “On Public-Private Partnership” is intended to help increase the investment attractiveness of Uzbekistan.

According to the Ministry of Finance, 10 PPP projects worth $ 2 billion are currently under development.

In addition, a project to build a new Tashkent-Andijan road is being prepared jointly with the World Bank.

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The mausoleum and the mosque have been reconstructed, an area of almost 8 hectares has been landscaped. In one of the buildings of the complex there is a museum, a library and a gathering of citizens of makhallas.

On both sides of the complex there were built 30 cottages for artisans 4.5 weave each. On the first floor of two-storey cottages workshops and shops will open.

The artisan quarter is built here for a reason. Suzuk-ota was a famous master of the 11th century, he was a teacher of more than a hundred craftsmen and artisans.

Centuries pass, generations change, but the ancient traditions of handicraft continue. The Suzuk-ota complex has become a real center of artisans, which will be interesting to visit for pilgrims and people visiting Uzbekistan tours !

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 The famous magician and illusionist Van Deissner with his wife and two-year-old son came from Germany to Uzbekistan in 66 days, traveling 11342 kilometers. The family follows the Great Silk Road, within 10 months travelers will get acquainted with the lifestyle of people in different countries. Toby plans to cross China and then travel to Laos, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Along the route they stopped in Tashkent, Khiva, Samarkand and other cities for Uzbekistan tour. 

 “Four days have passed since we arrived in Uzbekistan. On the way to your country, we drove more than a dozen countries. I read a lot of books about your country. Thanks to these books, I learned a lot about Uzbekistan tours and now we want to see the country's historical monuments, to get acquainted with the customs of your people! ”Says Toby Van Deissner.

 Tourists are expected to get acquainted with the lifestyle of different countries and people for 10 months. They intend to cross China from north to south until September 2019. Then travel to Laos, Thailand and Malaysia, ending the trip.


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