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Tour "Amazing Fans"
In our tour we will get acquainted with two wonders of the nature of Tajikistan:  the legendary Iskanderkul and the caves of the Kuhi Malik Mountain. There are so many articles, photos about Fan Mountains and Lake Iskanderkul that it is almost impossible to show something new to tourists and our team will show you something new and amazing in the Fans.
Iskanderkul ... pearl, God's gift in the system of the Pamir Alai Mountains, the largest lake in the Fan Mountains, the lake shrouded in legends is at an altitude of 2200 m, the mirror lake area is 307 hectares, and the greatest depth is 72 m.
Mount Kukhi Malik is a legendary place known since depths of unrecorded times, a fire has been raging under the mountain for over 3000 years! It is difficult to climb, but the beauty and inimitable spectacle is worth it: from the numerous caves the gases and smoke are bursting with noise and the views from the mountain are amazing. The first mention of mountain can be found in the work of the Roman historian Pliny the elder. Later it is mentioned in the works of Arab geographers in particular Ibn Haukal Makdisi. According to legend, before the arrival of Islam in Central Asia, this mountain served as a pilgrimage place for fire worshipers. In addition, the mountain was famous for the fact that alum and ammonia were mined here.
Nowadays local residents rise there only in the winter time and make camp for two three days to treat respiratory tract and rheumatism. Local guide Mirzo Ali Amak is an amazing person, he can tell about his native land in all its details! A connoisseur of the native land and just a wonderful person will be a reliable companion in our tour.

The season is December-March.
Duration 4 days, length 500 km
Combined: Auto transport, horses, walking.
Height above sea level - maximum 3000m
The tour passes through the mountains. It is necessary to have comfortable, waterproof shoes, a raincoat and warm clothes.
Level of difficulty: Not categorized. Good physical preparation.
The cost of the tour includes: horse transport with equipment, transport, food, guide.


Day 1.
• Transfer to Khujand-Iskanderkul-Shokhdam.
• Arrival, visits to Iskanderkul Lake, Snake Lake, “Panchchashma” spring.
• Preparation for the morning ascent.
• Overnight in the guest house of Shokhdam where hospitable hosts and a hot dinner await us!

Day 2.
• Transfer to the bottom of the Kukhi Malik mountain. Climbing (3 hours). Picnic.
• Free time.
• Visiting geothermal caves.

Day 3.
• Climbing to Kukhi Malik.
• Joint preparation of lunch. Recreation.
• Healing baths
• Descent to the guest house Rabat

Day 4
Transfer from Kukhi Malik  to Khujand

Some information:
In the lower course of one of the tributaries of Zarafshan-Yagnob opposite to the village of Ravat, on the bare slopes of the Kukha Malik Mountain you will see a unique sight: from the numerous caves the gases and smoke are bursting with noise. The whole side of the mountain is covered with a pale yellow layer of smoke.
This spectacle is most amazing at night. The black sky hangs above the mountain, and on its slopes  numerous fairy flashing lights glow. This is one of the wonders of Tajikistan nature that you can contemplate only in the winter season. A fire has raged for over 3000 thousand years under the mountain. Burning mines have been known for a long time. The mountain is mentioned in the local toponymy, the Arabic chronicles. Also, the mountain is mentioned in the works of the Roman historian of the 1st century Pliny the elder. He writes: "At night the whirlwind of the Bactrian Kafant blazes"
Later this miracle of nature was mentioned by Chinese scientists and Arab geographers. In the writings of Ibn Haikal Magdisi, Mount Al Bhutta in Sogdiana is mentioned, the fires of which are visible for 100 farsangs. In opinion of some scientists, the mountain served as a place of pilgrimage of the Zoroastrians before the arrival of Muslims.


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