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Duration: 2 days \ 1 night

Absheron peninsula. Located in Surakhani district (25 km away from Baku), UNESCO World Heritage Site “Ateshgah (FireWorshippers Temple)” is an ancient religious temple of fire worshipers built in 17th century. This castle-like place has been described by many foreign travelers and historians. It is one of the sacred places Zoroastrians (fire worshipers) used to visit and still do during their pilgrimage.
Translated from Azerbaijani language as “Burning Mountain”, Yanardag is a continuously flaming hill which just as Ateshgah is another sight worth visiting. Yanardag fire, height of which varies from 1 to 5 meters at different times, is caused by hydrocarbon gases coming out from below the surface. It is never extinguished, neither in snow nor in rain.


Tour starts with the view of Baku city, its harbor, boulevard zone and the Caspian Sea from Martyr’s Lane. Martyr’s Lane is a memorial park located on one of highest hills of the city, is composed of a tomb standing on an 8-pointed star crown of gold-framed glass dome. Elegant network decorating the walls of the tomb gives certain gentleness and air of transparency to the monument. Golden dome shining in nocturnal sky embodies the spirit of martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the independence of Azerbaijan (time to be spent 40 min - 1 hour).
We will now move to the Old City of Baku ”Icheri Sheher”, which is a rare pearl of ancient cultural heritage of Azerbaijani people. Also, it is the historical center of ancient Baku, the former capital of the State of Shirvanshahs and a millennial statehood of Azerbaijan. Here, in a small area of 22 hectares you can see hundreds of historic monuments. In 2000, ''The Walled City of Baku with the Shirvanshah's Palace and Maiden Tower" were included in to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Icheri Sheher is a romantic place, which transports you to the Middle Ages, makes you live the spirit of the time and its positive energy.
Main sites of this tour are:
Shirvanshah’s Palace (15th century) - the last residence of Shirvan's rulers, located at the highest point of Icherisheher, the palace was founded in the 12th century and its construction was finalized in the 15th century. The Palace of Shirvanshah’s inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List is rightly considered as a 'Baku Acropolis'. For many centuries the Maiden Tower has been the most prominent piece of the Baku panorama. It is located in the southeast of Baku city fortress, and stands as a 28-meter cylinder. Its bottom part, constructed in the 8th-9th centuries, could have been used as an ancient religious temple, although mainly, it was used as an observatory, a lighthouse and a watchtower in subsequent centuries. A number of other historical sites (Muhammad Mosque, baths of Haji Banu, Agha Mikayil and Gasim Bey, Multani and Bukhara caravanserais, small caravanserai, two-floor caravanserai, fortress walls, Gosha Gala (double gates of the city) and etc.) are also located on this route. At the end you can walk along the central streets of the city and enjoy shopping (time to be spent in the old town- 2 or 2,5 hours).
Visiting the new building of the Azerbaijan State Carpet Museum will amaze you with its vast collection of more than 10.000 items. The museum contains valuable historical artifacts and works of art from cities and regions, covering the whole centuries old history of Azerbaijan, as well, of course, carpets and rugs with national ornaments and subjects specific to the various schools of carpet weaving of Azerbaijan: with pile (khalcha, khali, dest khali, gebe), pileless carpets (palas, kilim, chechim, sumakh , shedde, varni, zili), as well as variety of carpet objects- khurjun, chul, kheyba, mafrash, ekhar gashlygy , and others. We must mention that in November 2010 "Traditional art of Azerbaijani carpet weaving in the Republic of Azerbaijan" was inscribed on the UNESCO Representative list of the Intangible Cultural heritage of Humanity. Aside from carpets woven in 17th – 20th centuries, a collection of jewelry, ceramics and old metal works is also a part of the exhibition (time to be spent – 1 hour).
Continue the tour by driving to Absheron peninsula. Here we can enjoy UNESCO World Heritage Site “Ateshgah” and Burning Mountain”Yanardag”.
Mardakan Castle is another place to enjoy the view of Caspian Sea and one of the
oldest villages of Baku (Mardakan village) after taking awkward and narrow steps of a 22 meter14th century watch tower. Here in Mardakan village, once upon a time the locals could use this tower not only for defense and observation, but also to escape through secret underground tunnel which in the old days connected the village with its outskirts (time to be spent - 40 min).
Transfer back to hotel, overnight in Baku


After the breakfast departure to Sheki, which is in 320 km distance from Baku. The
first stop will be at Diribaba mausoleum, which is an amazing historic sight – a
huge solid structure carved in a rock in early 15th century. Continue driving to Juma Mosque (Friday Mosque) of Shamakhi city (120 km away from Baku) is the second earliest mosque built in Caucasus (year 743-744). As a result of serious damages and demolitions caused by earthquakes and battles, this mosque was reconstructed several times. After visiting the mosque, stop at a local private house to experience natural yoghurt making from cow milk. Guests will have a chance to witness the process of preparing a homemade yoghurt and butter in a clay churn. At the end they will taste these products including goat cheese and hot tandir bread prepared in a clay oven. Late at the day arrive in Sheki. Sheki Khan’s Palace is one of the major historical sites in Azerbaijan. Built in late 18th century as a summer palace, it is the only remaining structure from the larger splendid complex once surrounded by the fortress walls. Among its main attractions are the outstanding drawings and stained-glass windows, which are assembled as a puzzle without a single nail or usage of glue. One square meter of this artwork consists of 4.000 small parts and can range up to 14.000 in more complicated styles (time to be spent – 1 hour).Upper and Lower Caravanserais of Sheki (18th century) served as a temporary homes for traders who were passing by this city which was on one of the Silk Road routes. Both are huge magnificent structures consisting of more than 300 hundred rooms covering a total area of 6000- Upper Caravanserai and 8000-Lower Caravanserai square meters (time to be spent – 1 hour).
Transfer to hotel, overnight in Sheki.



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