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While discussing Uzbek food, the one can just swallow from hope since the names of the most scrumptious and mouth-watering dishes come as the soul of fantastic fragrance, to be specific plov, manty, shurpa, shashluk, somsa, lagmon. It is difficult to remain quiet while evaluating or essentially looking through the photos of such dishes.

Undoubtedly, the Uzbek cuisine combines cooking traditions borrowed from Turkish, Uygur, Tajik, Tatar and many other nations along with local cooking traditions making our cuisine really specific. On Uzbekistan tours the travelers can try local meals as lyulya-kebab, bogursak, mastava, dimlama. It is not easy to remember all the names of traditional Uzbek meals though the visitors and guests will always remember the taste of Uzbek meals as keepsake for the end of their days.

We would like to point out the following places where you can experience tasting of different kinds of dishes along with taking part in cooking or watching the cooking classes. Here is a list of Top 5 places where we will take you for these great moments.



Choyhona Experience. The word “Choyhona”  is translated as “Tea House”. From the ancient times it is a place where local men get together to socialize,  spend time cooking different traditional meals and of course having tea. Today it is possible for everyone to visit these local restaurants for watching all main dishes being cooked.



Village Cuisine. If you want to try something really local that is not served in any restaurant, then you should stop by one of villages called Upper Hayat in Nurata region. You will love this place because of the real Uzbek tasty meals in addition to the real corner of tranquility that is far from the city fuss and a tiring rhythm. The guest house owner Mr. Nazrullo will make special arrangements to cook one of his lambs fed almost wild in ecologically virgin fields and mountains of Nurata area. It is going to be one of the best lamb kebabs you will remember for many years. 



Cooking class of   PLOV – the most traditional Uzbek meal.
Plov or Osh is the main meal which is cooked for many special events. It is the most famous meal in Central Asian countries, cooked almost in every town and region with different variations. Mr. Doston from Bukhara will be glad to invite us to his family house and demonstrate how this meal is cooked in Bukhara.



Khiva Moon Restaurant.
The Khiva Moon Restaurant is new. It was established in the old family house and is run by the matriarch of the family and her five sons. Eldest one of the sons – Timur  is a well-known   and very talented guide in the old city of Khiva. They have a good menu with the best local delicacies, vegetables, local fish and much more.



Termez is well known for traditional  meal called “Tandyr gusht” which is a lamb cooked in a clay oven.  The meat is marinated with local spices and herbs and cooked in oven for 6 hours with juniper leaves and wood which give very exotic aroma to the meat.

We manage to combine the culinary tour with exploring architectural and cultural highlights of Uzbekistan in Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent , Termez  and etc.